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What happens at the end of 3/10 to Yuma?

Ben finishes Mangold’s 3:10 to Yuma by protecting Dan’s honor and taking charge of his own narrative. As soon as the bandit gets on the train and keeps his word, the bandit Prince appears and shoots Dan four times in the chest.

Is 3:10 to Yuma a true story?

Surprisingly, much of the story about a war criminal hiding in plain sight is true. The film is based on journalist Scott Anderson's story titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation.” The actual Bosnian leader is Radovan Karadicz.

Did Ben Wade escape at the end?

However, the next night, Wade does escape during an Apache attack and ends up at a Chinese laborer camp but is captured by the foreman for killing his brother. The group eventually catch up and regain custody of the prisoner.

Is it worth watching 3/10 to Yuma?

September 24, 2020 | Rating: 3.5/4.0 | Full Review… 3:10 to Yuma is not only exciting, well-acted, and engaging, but it also reveals a deep sense of spirituality; of right and wrong. A solid, gritty drama getting the most out of its starpower.

Which 3/10 To Yuma is better?

Mangold's version is better still than the 1957 original, because it has better actors with more thought behind their dialogue.

Is 310 Yuma good Reddit?

This remake western hits all of the right notes for me and I feel like it even though it was well received by most, it is still underrated and should go down as one of the best westerns of all time.

Was Ben Wade a real person?

Benjamin Franklin "Bluff" Wade (October 27, 1800 – March 2, 1878) was an American lawyer and politician who served as a United States Senator for Ohio from 1851 to 1869. He is known for his leading role among the Radical Republicans.

Why is it called 3:10 to Yuma?

The railroad's representative, Grayson Butterfield, enlists McElroy, Potter, Tucker (one of Hollander's men), and Evans to deliver Wade to Contention, where Wade will be put on the 3:10 afternoon train to Yuma Territorial Prison.

Is 3:10 to Yuma a remake?

3:10 to Yuma (2007 film), a remake of the 1957 film, directed by James Mangold and starring Russell Crowe (as Wade) and Christian Bale (as Evans).

Does Netflix have 3:10 to Yuma?

3:10 to Yuma is now available to stream on Netflix.

Who is the protagonist in 3/10 to Yuma?

Van Heflin's Dan Evans emerges as the film's protagonist in the second 40 minutes. Ben Wade's nuances would be lost on a traditional, tight-lipped, assured Western hero, and so Evans is no less out of the norm than is his outlaw foil.

Is Yuma in California?

Yuma (Cocopah: Yuum) is a city in and the county seat of Yuma County, Arizona, United States. The city's population was 93,064 at the 2010 census, up from the 2000 census population of 77,515. Yuma is the principal city of the Yuma, Arizona, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which consists of Yuma County.

Where was 3:10 to Yuma 1957 filmed?

The cast and crew of '3:10 to Yuma' only spent 2 days in Sedona, as it was getting harder and harder to make a western film as housing developments started popping up everywhere in town. What filming they did was mostly at the western town set.

Where was Yuma filmed?

Yuma is a 1971 American Western television film directed by Ted Post and starring Clint Walker. It was shot in Old Tucson.

What kind of hat does Russell Crowe wear in 3/10 to Yuma?

Russell Crowe as Ben Wade in the new version of 3:10 to Yuma wore a very common style in the 1860's to 1880's except that he had a unique hat band. The low telescope crown and smallish brim was even worn by many confederate troops in the civil war.

What is considered a Western movie?

The American Film Institute defines Western films as those "set in the American West that [embody] the spirit, the struggle, and the demise of the new frontier". The term "Western", used to describe a narrative film genre, appears to have originated with a July 1912 article in Motion Picture World magazine.

What kind of hat does Doc Holliday wear?

A creative collaboration between Val Kilmer & Tom Hirt, the official hat maker for the film Tombstone. Hirt makes this superior quality beaver felt hat one-at-a-time entirely by hand. The black & white silk lining of Val Kilmer's signature and "Doc" icon is hand-stitched and trimmed with a smooth leather band.

What is a gambler hat?

The Gambler style hat sports a round, oval crown like a porkpie hat and a wide brim with a small upturn. Known also as a “planter's hat” it was seen as a wealthy landowner's classier alternative to a typical cowboy hat.

What type of hats were made famous by Western films?

In many of his movies, John Wayne wore a grey or silverbelly hat with a front-pinched, diamond-creased crown—said to be his personal favorite style. For the most part, the hats worn by actors are simply part of the costumes donned for a production.

Did they film Star Wars in Arizona?

Buttercup Valley, Yuma Desert, ArizonaThe Great Pit of Carkoon, home to the sarlacc that eats Jabba's prisoners in "Return of the Jedi," was filmed in Arizona rather than Tunisia.

Where were the desert scenes in Star Wars A New Hope filmed?

Death Valley National Park, California, USA. One of the most iconic locations throughout the three trilogies of Star Wars is the desert planet of Tatooine in A New Hope. While the scenes on Tatooine were filmed in a number of places, some of the most memorable used scenery from Death Valley National Park in California.

What movies have been filmed in Imperial Sand Dunes?

Imperial Sand Dunes in California This unique landscape is the picture-perfect location for a number of hit films, including Road to Zanzibar, Flight of the Phoenix and even Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Is Gladiator a true story?

The film is loosely based on real events that occurred within the Roman Empire in the latter half of the 2nd century AD. As Ridley Scott wanted to portray Roman culture more accurately than in any previous film, he hired several historians as advisors.

Has Yuma ever had snow?

Yes, believe it or not, it has snowed in the desert. Since the Sonoran Desert is so vast, we used data based in a city called Yuma, which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Phoenix, Arizona. The last time the Sonoran Desert saw snow was in 1967, which only accumulated to a dusting.

Why is Yuma famous?

Known as the "Sunniest City on Earth," according to Guinness World Records, Yuma promises sunshine and warm weather at least 91% of the year, making this city a premier travel destination year-round. Situated between Phoenix and San Diego, Yuma offers big city vibes with a small town, welcoming appeal.

Who lives in Yuma AZ?

It Has a Young, Diverse Population Yuma's largest age group is 20 to 29-year-olds, comprising over 41% of the population. This shows that Yuma is a great city for young professionals. The population of this age group is slightly higher than that of Phoenix. Over 98,000 people in Yuma are of working age.

Is 310 to Yuma on Hulu?

Watch 3:10 to Yuma Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What platform is 310 to Yuma?

3:10 to Yuma | Watch the Movie on HBO | HBO.com.

Is Yuma, AZ poor?

18.3% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Yuma, AZ (17k out of 93k people) live below the poverty line, a number that is higher than the national average of 12.3%.

Does Yuma get tornadoes?

The blue bars on the bar chart below indicate the number of tornadoes that have occurred each year in Yuma County since 1950. For example, one tornado occurred in 1954, four tornadoes occurred in 1985, and two tornadoes occurred in 2017.

Why is it called Yuma?

Yuma was named after the Yuman Native Americans and founded as a river port. The port supplied outposts for the military and supported commerce just below the confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers.

Who found Yuma AZ?

The first Europeans arrived in the Yuma area in 1540 - some 80 years before the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock - when Spanish expeditions led by the Hernando de Alarcon and Melchior Diaz sailed up the Colorado from the Sea of Cortez.

Is Yuma cooler than Phoenix?

The average July high temperature can hit a scorching 107 degrees, making it one of the hottest cities in the United States behind Phoenix. In 1995, Yuma reached its all-time high at 124 degrees. The high temperature isn't the only standout trait of Yuma.

Does it freeze in Yuma AZ?

Freezing weather is not expected in Yuma, and nearly every day during winter reaches at least 60 degrees.

What is the hottest day in Yuma Arizona?

Weather Averages Chilly for the desert, but we made up for it July 28, 1995, with a record high of 124°F!

Does Will Smith have a daughter?

Early life. Willow Camille Reign Smith was born on October 31, 2000, in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of the actress-musician Jada Pinkett Smith and actor-musician Will Smith.

Is Lucius Maximus son?

Lucius is the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus, the Roman leader killed by Russell Crowe's Maximus.

Did Lucilla betray Maximus?

Obi-Wan Finale - The Loop Cicero was the servant of Roman General Maximus Meridius and his friend. He was later betrayed by Lucilla and was killed as a result. He was portrayed by Tommy Flanagan in the 2000 film Gladiator.

How does Gladiator end?

The film's ending — a fight to the death between Maximus and Commodus, fixed beforehand by the latter literally stabbing him in the back — is a magnificent fulfillment of the film's arc for both Maximus and Rome's republic.

What is Leonardo DiCaprio's real name?

Leonardo DiCaprio, in full Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, (born November 11, 1974, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), American actor and producer who emerged in the 1990s as one of Hollywood's leading performers, noted for his portrayals of unconventional and complex characters.

Was Star Wars filmed in Yuma AZ?

Part of “Return of the Jedi,” the third film in the saga, was filmed in the sand dunes in the desert west of Yuma. As the excitement for “The Force Awakens” builds, some fans are heading to the city where the nearby battle on Jabba the Hutt's barge was filmed back in 1983.

What sand dunes were used in Star Wars?

Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Some scenes from The Return of the Jedi were shot in California very close to Yuma, Arizona and the Mexican border. More precisely, they were filmed in Buttercup Valley (or Imperial Sand Dunes) within the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

What state is the Yuma desert in?

Yuma Desert, arid part of the Sonoran Desert. It lies south of the Gila River and east of the Colorado River in the extreme southwestern corner of Arizona, U.S., and in the northwestern corner of Sonora, Mexico. The desert south of the Mexican border is often called the Great Desert (Spanish Gran Desierto).

What did the original Jabba look like?

The original script to Star Wars describes Jabba as a "fat, slug-like creature with eyes on extended feelers and a huge ugly mouth", but Lucas stated in an interview that the initial character he had in mind was much furrier and resembled a Wookiee.

What happened to Naboo after the Clone Wars?

Through the intervention of Organa and Queen Sosha Soruna, however, Naboo was spared from ruin and went on to become a member of the successor state to the Alliance, the New Republic.

Is Tatooine a real place?

Tatooine (/ˌtætuˈiːn/) is a fictional desert planet that appears in the Star Wars franchise. It is a beige-colored, desolate world orbiting a pair of binary stars, and inhabited by human settlers and a variety of other life forms.

Where is Naboo in real life?

6. Plaza de España, Spain. George Lucas used the gorgeous Plaza de España in Seville as the exterior for Theed on Naboo. You'll recognise the beautiful architecture from the scene where Anaki and Padme walk through the plaza in Attack of the Clones.

Where is Obi-Wan Kenobi being filmed?

The Obi-Wan Kenobi series was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California in the United States. This is because the series shares the same filming location as its sister Star Wars series, The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, which were both filmed at MBS Media Campus in Los Angeles.

Is Yuma in California?

Yuma (Cocopah: Yuum) is a city in and the county seat of Yuma County, Arizona, United States. The city's population was 93,064 at the 2010 census, up from the 2000 census population of 77,515. Yuma is the principal city of the Yuma, Arizona, Metropolitan Statistical Area, which consists of Yuma County.