How do you beat Toriel?

Defeating the Toriel is not easy. You can only beat them by running into them and crashing yourself.

Do you always kill Toriel?

You only need to kill her in Genocide. If you don't want to kill her, you don't have to. How do I go the pacifist route in Undertale?

Can you do a pacifist run if you kill Toriel?

Most likely not. Not unless you reset, then don't kill her. Golden rules to get pacifist ending is never kill and all monster must stay alive or keep your character level at 1 with 0 exp.

Can you one shot Toriel?

Toriel: spare her over and over, eat her pie in the fight, and when she stops fighting back at all and asks you if you want to stay with her, attack her. You will kill her in one shot and earn a unique ending to the battle, with her sprite being even more wounded with a gash on her face.

What happens if you kill Toriel and reset?

You can't do a true pacifist route on your first playthrough anyways so it wouldn't effect anything. But if you reset it after she died it shouldn't effect anything.

What happens if you listen to Toriel?

You can stay with Toriel by never leaving her house in the ruins. The secret ending is that you become a statue and never move or speak again and Toriel out of shock does the same thing. ... that's dark..

What happens if you spare everyone except Toriel?

Toriel is gone from her house in the RUINS after the player spares her, but don't worry: she's still around and you're still on speaking terms — she's just all the way back at the entrance, tending the flowers …

How many endings are in Undertale?

Undertale had a grand total of 93 endings.

What is soulless pacifist Undertale?

For Soulless Pacifist, the only differences are if you choose 'i have places to go' the photo has everyone crossed out and chara replacing frisk. If you choose 'I want to stay with you' Toriel gives you a slice of pie (like in true pacifist) but then frisk turns to face the player and they have Chara's face.

What happens if you say you have places to go Undertale?

If the protagonist chose "I have places to go" when Toriel asks, the picture in the credits shows all of the characters' faces crossed out, and the protagonist is replaced with the sprite of the first human.

Why is my Undertale screen black?

You have to open the game and wait 10 minutes until another dialogue appears, then you will be offered again to give your SOUL. You could also just delete the game's save files. It happens because there's nothing left in the world, leaving you with a black screen and that strange sound.

What is the hardest ending in Undertale?

This ending is only achieved after killing every creature. Not only that but you will have to make sure the kill counter for each area has been completed as well. Sparing or missing one at any point will give you a variation of the neutral ending.

What happens if you eat the snowman piece?

Trivia. If the Snowman Piece is consumed or disposed of, the Snowman gives the protagonist a second one. They do not give a third one, however, stating there would be nothing of them left if they did. In the Genocide Route, the protagonist can forcefully take three Snowman Pieces, effectively destroying the Snowman.

Can you mercy Sans?

Sans does not attack the protagonist when he attempts to offer mercy, which allows the protagonist to heal as many times as they need to.

What happens if you don't erase the world in Undertale?

If you choose "DO NOT [ERASE]", Chara goes on to ask "SINCE WHEN WERE YOU IN CONTROL?" Except, we were in control from the very beginning of the run. A major theme of the genocide route is that you CHOSE to kill all those monsters. Nothing is forcing you to do it, and you could've quit and reset at any time.

What happens if you call Toriel mom?

If the protagonist calls Toriel "mom," it surprises her, and she states that if it makes them happy, then she heartily approves of it. Calling Toriel on her phone in the Ruins and flirting with her makes her assume the protagonist is joking, if they do it again she is unsure what to make of it.

What are all the endings in Undertale?

Undertale has three different main endings (Neutral, True Pacifist, and Genocide) and a fourth miscellaneous ending (Hard Mode).

Can I flee in a pacifist run?

Yes, provided no one dies it is a pacifist run. Fleeing the enemies still makes you stay in a Pacifist run as long as you don't kill anyone.

What game has the most endings?

The game with the most endings by far is Star Ocean: Second Evolution. It's a remake of the Second Story game mentioned above.

What happens if you play pacifist after genocide?

The Pacifist ending after Genocide is basically identical to the normal one except a character makes an different expression at the end. It's not a different ending at all. It's the same one with a few pixels changed.

What to do after Chara kills you?

Just wait for about 10 minutes and Chara, the one who killed you at the very end, will return, and will start taking to you again. Say you are above consequences and give them your SOUL. Then the game will reset entirely. However, both the True Pacifist and Genocide endings will be changed.

Why can't I get true pacifist?

The most important prerequisite is that you must complete a Neutral Run first. Also, if you abort a Genocide Run, you won't be able to get the True Pacifist Run without a game reset. As such, take care not to start Genocide Runs before undertaking the True Pacifist Route.

How do you trigger Undyne's letter?

Head back to MTT Resort and Undyne will call with a favour to ask. Get the ferry from Hotlands to Snowdin Village and go to Papyrus's house, and Undyne will give you a letter to deliver to Alphys.

What happens if you spare Toriel in genocide?

After being spared enough times, Toriel stops fighting and talks. The option to "Flee" disappears. If the protagonist continues to spare her, she allows the protagonist to leave the Ruins.

Why is Chara The true name?

"Chara" is likely short for "Character," as all internal references of either Frisk (mainchara) or Chara (truechara) use "chara." The official Japanese translation of the game translates Chara's name as "キャラ Kyara".

What happens if you name yourself Chara?

The only change is that you receive unique text when asked to confirm the name 'Chara' in the name selection menu. This does not affect gameplay on any route. The source is the Undertale Wiki page.

How many endings in the world ends with you?

In total, there are technically four different NEO: TWEWY endings. Two of these are connected directly to the main game, and a further two pertain to an extra chapter which is unlocked after beating the game for the first time.

Does killing the dummy ruin a pacifist run?

Destroying the Dummy does not abort the attempt at the True Pacifist Route. If the protagonist talks to the Dummy, Toriel congratulates them.

Does fighting but not killing ruin pacifist?

Yes your pacifist is still fine just dont kill anyone. Hitting no, just killing.

Which ending is canon in Undertale?

All endings of Undertale are canon. And as others have said, Deltarune is set in an alternate universe. The same characters are there, but they've lived completely different lives.

How long does a genocide run take?

One run is around 8 hours. With a minimum of two playthroughs for pacifist and genocide. But you'll play more if you want to try and see everything.